Good morning! Over the past few weeks, you’ve probably received invites from Aleczander, to follow our new LinkedIn Company page but haven’t seen any activity. Today is the day that changes.

Enola Technologies is open for business. We are an engineering services provider specializing in applied Digital Engineering consulting, training, and mentorship. Our MO is to evolve our clients’ workforce to become independently successful in applications of Digital Engineering and its subsets like Model Based Systems Engineering, Enterprise Architecture, Software Architecture, Ontological Tool Integration, etc.

Also, since this is the first post, let me introduce you to the leaders:

1. David Fields – CTO

2. Tim Anderson – COO

3. Neil Patel – CFO

4. Aleczander Jackson – CBDO & CEO

We look forward to discussing further, and if you happen to be attending INCOSE WSRC, or Dassault’s Cyber Experience Symposium, ensure you stop one of us and say hi!